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99% Pure CBD

Infused with the Spirit of Aya

Welcome to the

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"The true shaman, the true naturalist, works to reconnect

oneself with Nature and Spirit"

-  White Crow

In the beginning..

From the dawn of man, we have turned to nature to help attain balance within ourselves ; But somewhere, we lost our way.  Western culture is once again turning to the plants for balance of mind, body, and soul.

The Shaman of the Amazon have been using alchemy 

to create the perfect synergy of the plants which they consider to be healers. This tradition has resurfaced into modern civilization.

AyaLife is not your average Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, but rather, a perfect synergy of sacred plants, including Hemp, Ayahuasca Vine (B. Caapi),  Coconut, Raspberry, and more. This creates the perfect balance of Mind, Body, and Soul.

Discover what AyaLife can do for you by scrolling below, or place an order now to start living The AyaLife!

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Balance for the 

Mind, Body,& Soul

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People who have experienced AyaLife have reported the following effects:

✓ Relief from inflammation and chronic pain

✓ Heightened energy during the day, with

a better ability to sleep at night

✓ Balanced blood sugar and cardiovascular


✓ Relief from muscle tension and tremors

✓ Relief from migraines and headaches

✓ Relief from anxiety and depression

✓ A sense of balance between mind, body,

and soul

✓ Balanced and healthy weight

✓ Suppression in appetite

✓ A heightened desire for organic fruits and vegetables

✓ A sense of oneness with nature and with the universe.

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AyaLife Checklist

✓ 99% Pure CBD

✓ All-Organic and Non-GMO

✓ Non-Psychoactive

✓ High-Potency formula


✓ Alcohol / Solvent Free

✓ Naturally Flavored / Great Tasting

✓ BPA-Free Glass Bottle

✓ Metered Glass Dropper

      (for accurate dosage)

✓ Made in the USA

✓ Same-Day Shipping


✓ Worldwide Shipping

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Does your Hemp Oil pass the AyaLife checklist?

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99% Pure Hemp Oil

Through a CO2 extraction, we obtain the active components of the Hemp Plant to ensure that each bottle is 99% pure CBD and 100% THC-free. Our Hemp is organically grown in the State of Colorado.


Next, we infuse the full-spectrum back into USDA-Certified Organic Coconut Oil along with extract from the Ayahuasca Vine. 


The end result is a great-tasting, non-psychoactive, pure Hemp Oil made with all-organic ingredients that is alcohol/solvent free. 

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The Spirit of Aya

Banisteriopsis Caapi, aka "The Vine", is known for its antiparasitic and antifungal properties. However, it is best known as "Mother Aya" or "The Spirit of Aya", and is the non-psychoactive component of Ayahuasca tea.

Shaman believe the vine itself is responsible for the physical and healing benefits of the Ayahuasca medicine, while the psychoactive component known as "chacruna' is the 'helper plant' (not included in AyaLife).

AyaLife contains the essence of the "The Vine" in each bottle to bring you the perfect balance of mind, body, and soul. 

What's in each bottle?

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* 500mg of 99% Pure CBD per bottle

* 30mg B Caapi Extract

 (Ayahuasca Vine sourced from the Amazon of Peru)

* USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil

* USDA Certified Organic Natural Flavoring

Did you know?

Many products claim to contain upwards of 2500mg per bottle ; However, after testing a few products on the market we have found that this isn't the case at all!


In fact, many products include oil, wax, fat, and other by-products to arrive at the supposed 'strength'. The average hemp oil contains 3%-8% CBD, thus a 2500mg bottle really only contains less than125 active milligrams. 

AyaLife contains 500mg of 99% Pure CBD per bottle


Many people have reported feeling the effects of AyaLife after a single dose because they are experiencing a proper dose. This may result in increased alertness or a sense of calmness, depending on the individual. We encourage you to start with half of a dose of AyaLife and see how you feel because you will see a big difference between AyaLife and other products you may have tried in the past.

Organic Ingredients

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